Toolwiz Pretty Photo is a program related to the category of photo editors, which allows you to completely change the content of any image. First of all, the application is designed to work precisely with portrait photography, so do not expect him something so very super serious. However, the possibilities of this software is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

Key Features Of Toolwiz Pretty Photo

As mentioned above, this program allows you to convert any portrait in the real work of art. The fact is that even many professionals in the field of photo editing and creating artistic images is sometimes called his Photoshop for lazy people. By and large, the way it is, because the program, in addition to its fundamental primitive features such as copy, paste, crop the image, or change the size, has a lot of ways to change the color palette, the depth of colors, saturation, brightness and contrast.

However, most do not even deserve a built-in filters, which are in the program, by the way, more than twenty, and the same number of additional tools included in this feature set. That they can produce incredible action from any type of portraits. The most interesting are the effects and modeling tools.

Here for any user opens a wide field of activity in which you can use in the highest degree all the functionality of the software product. For example, for make-up artists or hairdressers are very well suited tool to combine, persons initially loaded with examples lining eyebrows, changing the shape of the lips, giving lashes elongated species, etc. In general, each designer working with a human face, can only dream of such a finding, because working with the program quite simple - do not need to be a rocket scientist to use a particular function, and even more, to know the type of professional programs the same Photoshop. In fact, the application interface is quite simple and intuitive. All functions are located on the main panel in the form of buttons and associated commands. This saves you from having to climb on all sorts of context menus in search of a particular feature. In principle, the creation of the document from the originally selected photo is reduced minimum. So, for those who decided to go simple and most effective editing, and even more so, make-up, the program will simply not interchangeable. Moreover, special graphics and visual effects allow you to change any shape recognition. We can only express their imagination.


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