HijackThis - a small but very necessary every user utility, the effect of which is directed to the detection of unwanted implementations in browsers that are installed in the operating system. Besides its primary and immediate task HijackThis application has many additional features and capabilities, which are expressed in the fact that the program allows you to create the most complete reports on the parameters of the system registry and files present on a hard drive or laptop computer. Needless to say, that extends the program HijackThis free. The same can be downloaded free from the Internet, and then without any restriction to install on your computer terminal.

Key Features Of HijackThis

First of all, it is worth noting the high speed applications HijackThis. Scan your system to identify dangerous or suspicious objects only takes a few seconds. However, here we must be careful. The fact that the tool does not use HijackThis any own database, but simply scans the objects and provides the user with a report. That is, the user must decide for themselves how appropriate is the removal of an object. However, the information provided by the program HijackThis so comprehensive that we can safely trust the automatic scan. Naturally, all can be removed. However, if you know or believe that some element of threat is not, and was on the list of suspicious objects accidentally, you can use the function of creating a list of exceptions. When re-checking such objects will be simply ignored.

Especially among the necessary funds worth analyzing separately allocate process manager and file manager hosts. That is, you get the most information about the background services and processes, as well as programs that are currently running, and have the ability to view network activity of your host.

Sorry, can not do without drawbacks. The thing is that in the list of analyzed data application HijackThis does not share objects found in the safe, unsafe or potentially unsafe. So, some of them will have to be removed at your own risk. Although, in principle, if you know that the object of, say, is not used or is a threat (maybe even a face detection program), you can delete it without any thought. On the other hand, for certain types of processes, services, or programs, you can not use a remote, but just leave everything as is.

trend-micro-hijackthis-download-windows-pc-454551246512124653212In general, the program HijackThis looks pretty simple. Disappointing, of course, the lack of separation of objects in the level of danger or an automated system to remove them. But as a means for their determination and the establishment of the full report HijackThis application will suit perfectly. Especially because it is not a resource-intensive and download, install, and you can use it for free.