USB Manager is a free software that is designed to manage and complete control of various kinds of USB-devices, whether, for example, printers, or, any removable media.

Key Features USB Manager

The first thing you should pay attention, because it is fully compatible with all versions of operating systems Windows, including even an outdated Windows 98. Distribution program does not take up much space, and the installation process does not cause difficulties. So to deal with that users at all levels. The second thing that pleases, is that the program has a multilingual support, so by setting the appropriate language interface, the application can be dealt with easily.

Generally, program, apparently intended for users that run on personal computers are not alone, but with different accounts. It is clear that many people simply do not want in their absence, someone used any USB-device. That is why the program primarily to enable or disable all the full USB-ports. With total shutdown of them no one can use it. For example, someone inserts a normal flash drive, but then the fun begins. Operating system simply does not see it. So, to use the information from it will not work. Incidentally, a lot of viruses and malicious codes spread it with such devices. Therefore, disabling the USB-ports, in some way, you can guarantee the security of your computer. Including the port again is easy. You can still use you need a password system.

Disconnection and reconnection of ports can be configured based on the types of connected devices. For example, it may be separately printers, scanners, flash drives, or various types of peripheral audio device.


In general, it should be noted that the program has a pretty nice intuitive interface. Yes, and it works quite correctly. Incidentally, the latest version was quite refined protection system and updated several off function from the client.

Thus, to prevent unauthorized use of USB-ports of your computer program suited just perfect, especially because it is distributed for free and has no restrictions on the terms and purposes of use.