USB Safeguard is one of the few standardized tools for encrypting confidential information that is on the normal flash drive. USB Safeguard program is distributed completely and download it from the Internet is easy. In addition, it is worth noting that the application USB Safeguard is designed as a portable version and does not require any computer or on a removable USB-storage device.

Key Features Of USB Safeguard

The process of work is similar to many programs of this type and the particular difficulties when you use USB Safeguard is not appealing. All very simple. Once you have downloaded the program for free, you just need to copy the file to the flash drive, where there is information that needs to be protected from the use of, say third parties. After starting the program USB Safeguard will ask you to create your own unique access key to the encrypted information that is known only to you. You then need to select the files and folders that you want to expose encryption. They can just drag the mouse in the main application window. Then simply press the button Encrypt all. At the end of the encryption process, which uses an algorithm based on AES 256, you are prompted to remove Buda original files and folders. You can do this in two ways. You can simply delete the data permanently in the usual way, and you can use the standard DoD 5220-22M. The second option is preferable in the sense that after the removal of such information would be impossible to recover, even with the use of specialized tools. In the first case, if you want all the originals can be restored in a jiffy.

It is interesting to create a private key. Even if it happens that you just lose your removable media, without knowing the key, to access the data does not work, as it were, an attacker may try. And now a few words about the reverse process. In order to extract the data for subsequent use, it is sufficient to press the button Decrypt All, which is produced after full recovery of the encrypted data.

Of course, many would argue that you can quite simply take advantage of, say. Archiving data using WinRAR or similar programs using a password. But it should be noted that this does not guarantee the most complete information security, as passwords to archives so much easier to pick up than to get to the contents of the private key.

In general, the program USB Safeguard - just the thing needed for those users who are faced with the need to encrypt the data. As a result, we note the most important characteristics of the application USB Safeguard: it can be downloaded free of charge, USB Safeguard program requires no installation, to ensure maximum protection of information, can not restore the original files and folders without a dedicated key, absolutely undemanding to system resources and absolutely easy to work with . In fact, the need to use only two buttons. And all the settings in the field of encryption is completely automated.


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