Infected your flash drive or other external drive with a malware? UsbFix is ​​a tool that detects and removes malicious software from any device connected via USB to your machine. Perform the diagnosis of external hard drives, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras or memory cards through this tool practice and even do the cleaning device through the program.

But what if a USB stick with viruses is connected to your home network or work? UsbFix is ​​also able to make a "Remote Read" of the device and thus eliminate threats. Autoplay content, so "Listing" for running scans and options such as "Quarantine" or "vaccination" are still prominent features of this application dedicated to the maintenance of USB drives.

Attention: by clicking on "Download" you will be directed to the page publishing software. Click finally on the link "Download  UsbFix  Windows Installer" to download the application.


Want to perform malware removal processes in specific USB devices? Click on "Vaccination" and then select the devices to be placed under the UsbFix care. Remove temporary and junk files is another option: Enable mode "Optimize" and delete unnecessary from your digital camera MBs, smartphone, memory card or external hard drive.


Review Of UsbFix 2016

Efficiency and practicality are the main aspects of UsbFix. If you have noticed slowdowns on your smartphone or flash drive and want to guard against malware, then this application should definitely be lowered. With simple interface, the program offers uncomplicated actions that optimize the performance of devices connected via USB.

Keep virus quarantined, see a history of actions run automatically scans and "vaccinate" are other devices UsbFix highlights. Users who wish to keep their networks secure here too are the solution, for the diagnosis and removal of threats can be made remotely. All features are well diagrammed with the user interface, making it easy to use the app even by internet users who have no experience with maintenance software.

The tool, can also be configured to work intelligently - is possible, for example, cause readings to be held whenever unknown external drives were plugged to the PC (such as digital cameras, tablets, mobile or hard drives accessories ). The memory of his mobile no longer supports the installation scheduled for performance improvement? Connect your gadget to the computer and now optimize the performance of your device.

Pros Of UsbFix 2016

Performs diagnosis of any drive connected via USB

Improves performance and "vaccine" devices against malware

UsbFix 2016 Download