VideoCacheView is quite interesting and somewhat unusual program that allows to scan the cache most of the most popular Internet browsers in order to identify it located information. In this case, the possibilities of the program VideoCacheView only one search is not restricted. There is a very serious set of tools for viewing or further preservation of your content to your hard drive.

Key Features Of VideoCacheView

As regards the application VideoCacheView, it is distributed free of charge. And find it on the internet and then download to the hard drive at all simple. Actually, the installation program VideoCacheView neither the time nor the energy does not take away. Moreover. After completing the installation program VideoCacheView takes up minimal space. In addition, when using it quite demanding on system resources and will work equally and modern, and low-power machines.

Now a few words about browser support themselves and file formats. First of all, the integration allows for scanning the cache of web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. In lan search application VideoCacheView more focused on video, audio, graphics, and flash-movies. Upon completion of the scanning program VideoCacheView displays a complete list of the above file formats, which are present in the cache. Needless to say, that all this can immediately listen to or view, and then save to your hard drive for future use. In addition, a link to each file can be copied to clipboard or just open any Internet browser.

With respect to the settings, they minimized. You only need to tick the box corresponding to the browser name, or specify the path of finding the cache manually. However, it can not do, as the program allows you to search VideoCacheView jackpot in automatic mode. Incidentally, in the Journal of the search results, you can view any information you need, including the properties of the file size, date of last modification or access it, type and more.

videocacheview-windows-pc-easy-download-454151321632To sum up some results, we can confidently say that this type of programs that you can download for free, the app VideoCacheView is not the last place. The only thing you need to pay attention. It is clear the cache disabled in the settings browsers themselves on completion. The same applies to the use of different optimizers that clean the cache entirely.