My ViewPad is an application that allows you to view and convert your photos of various formats.

The app has a different approach to what we see in the official image viewer of Windows, giving more options specific to the user. You can drag images into the My ViewPad or simply access the "Open" button and navigate to it. After that, you can always go alternating between images in the same folder by pressing the directional arrow keys.

This application has five main tabs functions and tools that organize all the interface options. At the top right of the window, you can see: "File", "Info", "Edit", "View" and "Tools".

At first, you check all the possibilities to open and view the images. There is also the possibility to convert them to other formats through the "Save as" and set all print options "Print". My ViewPad is also compatible with scanners and can get images directly from these devices.

In "Info", you can see all image metadata that is being viewed at the time. In "Edit", the program offers a number of more basic editing possibilities, such as cropping, resizing, color correction, among others. The tab "View", in turn, has buttons to zoom, organizing framework, while "Tools" shows all program settings itself.

My ViewPad For Windows 7, XP, 10 And MAC

Review Of My ViewPad

My ViewPad is a great solution for those who are already tired of the Windows image viewer and want to have something more advanced at your disposal. The program includes a number of extra options that make it more useful to deal with photos.

In addition to seeing the images, you can edit them right there, cutting, framing or resizing. There is also the possibility of assigning metadata, convert file formats to a dozen different options, among others.

In our tests, the My ViewPad runs proved quite stable. He managed to deal with high-resolution and reliable images and not caught or proved slow at any time.

Falls short?
However, the weak point of the program is its interface. Despite being organized with tabs separating the options, it has a very basic look. The buttons are mere texts with links and there is no more interesting visual element to highlight special or more important functions.

This leaves app with a good amateur appearance, which is especially bad for those very deals with photographs. They usually like software with more advanced visual and elegant transition effects. How does My ViewPad does not deliver anything that he can not appeal much to your core audience.

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