Virtual DJ Home - a free version of one of the most popular programs for DJs. It offers so many features and functions that professional musicians do not always use them a hundred percent. If you decide to feel like a DJ and professionally do it, then this software is the best option, and, as for the beginner and for the professional musician.

Key Features Of Virtual DJ Home Edition

To begin, a few words about the interface. He, in general, is quite reminiscent of the appearance of many programs of this type. The main window is divided into two virtual decks, and in which is concentrated the whole range of functions and effects. At the bottom of the screen is a set of specialized settings for the management of the program. This can be useful when creating playlists, or, say, quick access to the most popular or frequently play files (Top 50).

virtualdj-home-edition-8-0-for-windows-pc-computer-54165465165456With regard to the control and the very DJing, everything is simple. The program has a fairly powerful ability to identify the type of track, automatic synchronization of tempo and volume, selecting the optimal gain, as well as many special effects and tools for creating Scratch.

It goes without saying that the quality of sound output to external speakers in the program provides for a equalizer, mixer and several amplifiers. You understand that when playing different tunes necessary to mix them so as not to feel any difference in the volume or move from one track to another, subject to the application of different kinds of effects. Also, novice users can always take advantage of intellectual automatic mix, as well as a system of virtual sampling. No less important is the fact that the program allows you to change the appearance beyond recognition, and create up to 99 virtual panels for any required occasion.

virtualdj-home-edition-8-0-for-windows-pc-computer-56464546165112But the capabilities of the software is not limited thereto. The fact is that in contrast to many programs such direction there is even the possibility of reproducing a karaoke signal processing or voice track vocalist in real time by overlapping multiple effects. And here we immediately have at your disposal is another powerful tool. This refers to the recording of a single track or DJ music session in general. This approach allows us to further listen to all the material and, if necessary, analyze errors or think about how it can improve or add something original. It remains only to include fantasy and forth to the worldwide fame of professional DJ.