VMware Player - a unique software designed primarily for those users who are engaged in, for example, beta-testing program, or emulation of operating systems. The program itself runs on Windows operating systems and has some interesting features.

Key Features Of VMware Player

This software allows you to run a completely different virtual machines in modern operating systems and the new equipment in the form of computer hardware. The simplest example is the emulation and run the same OSes Windows XP together with associated programs and applications in Windows 7 or 8 on the latest computer systems. You understand that the older operating systems do not support modern computer hardware, and according to this, and work on it will not. Nevertheless, with the help of VMware Player on the latest computers, you can create multiple operating system with four processors on board, hard drives and 2TB of RAM and 64 GB. The most interesting is that with such a simulation can be quite simply not only run the respective applications, but also to exchange data between the systems necessary. Among other things, there is full support for DirectX and OpenGL.

vmware-player-download-windows-xp-vista-7-8By the way, this software allows you to play many systems in the program execution, including versions of Linux or Chrome OS for easy reference or training to work with them. On the other hand, by using this application can be quite simple and painless the whole system to test the latest software and get a full understanding of how it will behave with the use of a particular configuration of the iron equipment. Due to this strong support, with this program you can test even the most demanding applications, for example, engineering programs, or modern computer games with the use of three-dimensional graphics that can undoubtedly appeal to many major software developers of this type.

In general, if to sum up, we can say that ordinary users a software package, of course, is simply not useful, well, except that the reference to other operating systems. But for professional software developers and applications better product just did not find it. Especially because it is free, but subject to non-commercial use, although there is also a more complete commercial version called VMware Fusion Professional.