VSEncryptor is one of the most interesting and powerful tools for data encryption. Most interesting is that you can not only encrypt files, folders, partitions, and plain text. It is clear that the application VSEncryptor free. In order to find it and download a free, no need to go far. Just go and download it from our website.

Key Features Of VSEncryptor

Our site provides the best programs in any field of computer technology. And VSEncryptor application relates to one of them. The possibilities of software VSEncryptor quite interesting. For example, to encrypt text, you can use the standard editor window, located in the program VSEncryptor. Text can either copy and then paste in the editor, or just drag the selection with the mouse. Upon completion of this process, you just need to click the "Encrypt". That's all. However, you can always access the contents of a file or a text fragment, as if it were on your hard disk in an unencrypted form.

But what is most surprising is the support of quite a large number of encryption algorithms. Perhaps here the program VSEncryptor like no one software product developed in this area. Judge for yourself. Here are such powerful systems as AES-128, AES-256, AES-192, RC4, RC2, DES, Triple DES, Blowfish, Twofish, Serpent, Camellia, Skipjack, CAST-256, MARS, RC5, RC6, IDEA, SEED, SHACAL-2, XTEA, GOST. Truly, a storehouse for the most demanding and exacting users, among which there is a set of professional skeptics.

It should be easy to appreciate the benefits of the program VSEncryptor, although many it will be pretty easy. Moreover, the application is designed for use absolutely not familiar with this area users. It goes without saying that no special technical skills s knowledge in the field of computer technology would be required. Just run the program VSEncryptor, select the object or text, and use only one button! Not always possible to meet this convenience and simplicity.

If you are interested in possible applications VSEncryptor, do not waste time. You can download it for free from our website, not even the list on the Internet. After installation, you will get excellent software to protect data needed from outside interference, as they say, at the highest level.


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