Waterfox Web Browser is nothing else than one of the new versions of the web browser, which was built on the basis of the source code of the acclaimed and popular in its time the browser Mozilla FireFox. The main difference between this design from the original is that the application to be compiled in such a way as to fully optimize the architecture of Windows 64-bit architecture.

Key Features Waterfox Web Browser

To begin, a few words about the installation package. Its size is not quite big and is 26.49 MB. In addition, this software is distributed free of charge and has no restrictions on use.

As for the major functions and features, the older brother of a set of them something is not fundamentally different. The only difference lies in the optimization performed by developers to work on 64-bit systems, and especially in Windows 7. The application interface has not changed much, although its setting is much more flexible than it was originally. If you have ever worked with FireFox, the differences are not particularly notice. Tabs open in one window. However, when you create a new tab most visited pages appear directly in the main window as thumbnails. It can not be called an innovation, because the exact same principle is laid down in the recent releases of the browser Opera. But what is new is the default smooth scrolling, a quick search with the increasing integration with the search engines and dictionaries. Here are present and live bookmarks, which, actually, are a means of integrating RSS-flows. In addition, a host of additional tools and capabilities for web developers (for example, improved Inspector pages, Style Editor, Editor Java-scripts, optimized HTML-panel and much more). Generally, if we talk about improvements, then there are more than seventy.

waterfox-web-browser-download-pc-windows-8-7-xpWas significantly improved and performance. Even with incomplete page loads web surfing is quite nimble and comfortable. All this is achieved through the optimal use of as the engine of the browser, and the resources of the 64-bit architecture of the operating system. Incidentally, the new app uses the same profile as that of the predecessor Mozilla FireFox. So, if you for some reason decide to remove WaterFox, must be clearly traced, to personal folders browser unchanged. In other words, just delete them is not recommended.

Finally it is worth noting that in addition to the core distribution of the program, you can download a special crack that many users will make even greater convenience in use of the new web browser.