WavePad - a simple but very interesting program for working with audio files for multiple formats. In some ways it resembles the Audio Editor Free Audio Editor, but, unlike him, this application has a lot more options, effects, features, and most importantly, supports quite a large number of audio formats.

Key Features Of WavePad

In principle, nothing complicated to work there. The interface is very similar in general, all programs of this type. The main window displays the loaded material in the wave representation (actually, as always). In the left part of the screen has two windows, one of which is located a button key operations, and the second presents various effects.

What sways the operations themselves, here represented by the standard set which is present in all the programs of this type. But, the effects provided for enough even for the most demanding user.

At the top of the screen is the main panel. It is there are some operations that deserve special attention. First of all, it is of course, working with disks. This software can not only quickly burn discs, but also can produce a direct copy audio tracks directly from CD to the hard disk of a computer with the possibility of further processing it in this program.

In general, the main advantages of this application is worth noting a rather powerful system noise reduction when recording using the microphone input or directly from a microphone, for example, on a laptop. Editing noise becomes quite easy. You just need to set an example of ambient noise, and the program automatically deletes these frequencies of the recorded material. Likewise one can simply work with a variety of effects, because each of them has a plurality of settings or default options that can be applied to the file as a whole or to its separate parts.

wavepad-sound-editor-download-for-windows-pc-545151515151Generally, the operating principle of this application is similar to many software products are designed to work with audio files. And although, to assign it to a professional tool can not, however, the list of possibilities is wide. Moreover, it is supported by a sufficiently large number of audio formats, among which are WAV, MP3, VOX, GSM, Real Audio, AU, AIF, FLAC, OGG. Incidentally, the program can even work with 32-bit sound range from 6 to 96 kHz. All this makes this application quite an interesting solution for the processing of sound in the world of modern computer technology.