Wavosaur - one of the most interesting, though quite standard audio editors of our time. The program allows you to perform many operations on recording or processing of soundtracks in real time using a variety of effects and features that are present in many applications of this type.

Key Features Of Wavosaur

First of all, it should be noted immediately. What program is distributed for free, which is not true of such giants as Sound Forge or Adobe Audition. Nevertheless, even though his gratuity, this software is not inferior to its functional set of the above mentioned product.

Here there are all the basic operations for processing of the recorded audio signal, including copy, cut, paste, etc. In addition, it has a sufficient set of tools for information, or the so-called mastering, which uses spectrum analyzers audio signal recording finalizers, various compressors, revers or Saturates. In general, a complete set.

And this is what fundamentally distinguishes this program from many similar, is that the application is not only a medium for audio processing, but also, as an option, a tool for creating loops. And the most amazing thing is that this software is not nothing but a separate VST-host, whereby the possibility of using virtual synthesizers and effects substantially expanded. With all this, the end result can be exported to a format MP3, even if the initial support formats like AIFF, WAV or RAW.

It goes without saying that, when recording the input audio signal using a map. You know, more powerful than n, the more quality stuff you get in the end. By the way, it is best to use the sound card that supports not only the Direct Sound, but ASIO4ALL drivers or operating mode Full Duplex. It is these technologies and the most advanced to date in the world of computer audio processing.


If Summing up, I must say that the developers of this software really tried, providing maximum program functions that are typical of professional applications. Such a huge number of possibilities is extremely rare, and even more so in the free app. And if you take into account also the fact that this system sobvtennym VST-host, we can only envy the owners of such a universal software product of modernity.

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