WebMoney Keeper Classic is a client program that allows you to enjoy the many online banking services on instant payment system Web Money. Moreover, the settlement of payments related to virtual money, which are equivalent to real money. And they are using translation tools, you can easily cash out and get in any financial institution.

Key Features Of WebMoney Keeper Classic

This software includes work with certain types of electronic purses from which and to which payments will be made. Moreover, working with purses is not limited to payment. Quietly you can transfer funds from one purse to another or, say, to exchange currency.

Work with purses are not as complex as it seems at first glance. Just need to sort out once, and then, as they say, everything goes like clockwork. Program has interesting possibilities in terms of billing or payment incoming. Moreover, at any time, you can view a history of all transactions and transfers, as well as the state of the payment of a bill. In addition, with the help of this application you can make purchases on the Internet, to replenish their accounts of mobile phones, pay utilities and much, much more. Program features are so great that use it directly from the home terminal is easy and convenient.

As for extra features, it is worth noting encryption operations or messages. At this level of protection of the safety and security of your money is guaranteed one hundred percent. Even when entering the own wallet, you have to go through at least a two-tier protection. And when it comes to, say, earnings on your account, in this case you need a special protection code, without which the money in your wallet will not be credited or, the person receiving the money you will not be able to use them.


The same applies to the payment of bills. The fact is that, while the program runs in its normal mode, you will need to go online in the very system of online payments. And there you will find several levels of authorization, plus confirmation of various codes and passwords.

In general, I must say that the program is developed what is called the mind. It includes practically all known banking operations available today. The exception is, perhaps, the only credit and deposit operations. In fact, from the comfort of your home or office, you can use all that relates to banking, even especially without straining. Most likely, soon all of us will experience a boom, when many countries are fully switch to electronic payments system, and the real money will remain in the past. Now, such a transition is only partially carried out, however, this area is developing very rapidly.

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