Not all the protections of the world can make your PC completely safe. As you use antivirus software or anti-spyware, many malware and hackers take advantage of loopholes in the functioning of your computer by infecting your system with great ease.

It is right there that enters the Win10 Security Plus. With this program, you can correct a number of settings that make your Windows potentially vulnerable, while adding little extra security barriers which increase its protection as a whole. Not limited to this, the still reactive software options that may have been disabled by other applications installed previously.

Simpler, impossible

Best of all is that you do not need to follow any overly complicated process to increase the security of your system. With the Win10 Security Plus, everything is a matter of choosing the protections you want to activate and click "Apply Selected". manually set which items to use is something rarely recommended for beginners on the PC, it is worth noting.

Finally, all that remains to do is restart your PC. By doing this, the system will activate the new protections in the beginning of the system, ensuring greater security when browsing the computer.


Features Of Win10 Security Plus

Win10 Security Plus is not a program designed for those less accustomed to the detailed operation of a computer. Since it deals with several important aspects of a computer in your search for loopholes, the software just to disable important tools and erect barriers that may halt completely certain applications.

That said, there is no denying that the program is very efficient. However minor changes made by it, changes can help - a lot - to raise greater protection against hacking and various types of malware that might otherwise go unnoticed by your anti-virus, for example.

This does not mean, however, that it is a replacement of this type of application. As stated before, it makes small changes that, however good they are, will not stop themselves more aggressive malicious software. Now, add it to a powerful antivirus and you will surely have more defenses on your PC.

Just remember that if you do not know the types of "protection" being activated to know what to select and what to leave out, this can have very negative effects on the system. And as there is a button on the Win10 Security Plus to undo these changes will not be easy to reverse everything that was done.

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