WinCDEmu - one of the simplest and most user friendly of all skill levels, designed to emulate virtual drives (drives, optical drives) by creating a disk image in an unlimited number. It is clear that to date in this area developed quite a number of programs, however, this utility is one of the easiest and most functional.

Key Features WinCDEmu

Say at once. How the program works is not new. It is used by almost all applications of such direction. Another thing - the recognition of formats, speed, undemanding to system resources and the creation of an unlimited number of virtual drives. Recently, just the same, and puts the program in the category of the most interesting and powerful tools. The fact that many, even professional programs can in most cases make a limited number of virtual drives. In this case, nothing like this. By and large, the user does not even need to worry about assigning the appropriate virtual drive letters. The program does all this in a fully automatic mode.

If we pay attention to the name of this software, then many may give the impression that the application is able to emulate only the CD-drive. However, it is not. This name is simply universal. With this program you can specify the processes of emulation and DVD-drives without any improper behavior of the utility.


We should focus on the supported formats disk images. Among them are the most common, namely, ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS / MDF, CCD and IMG. Plus, the app has full integration into the standard Windows Explorer and ability to create or remove the disk images directly to the teams, which may be caused by the use of contextual pop-up menus. To create an image, simply double-click on the desired file or folder in Windows Explorer, or call the program from the menu, and there needed to download content. To unmount the image, you can use a double click in Windows Explorer on the appropriate image file. In general, as someone like that. The only thing that limits the ability of the program, as is the creation of only one type of image from the context menu, namely the format ISO. On the other hand, this format is the most common and can be used in almost all programs of this type.

In conclusion, it should be said that the software itself is open source and is distributed for free. In general, anyone versed in programming, can easily change the program by adding a few new features or removing unnecessary features.

WinCDEmu 4.0 Beta 1 Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8