WinDjView - a very interesting program for reading electronic books universal format DjVu, which has many functions, among which are not only the look of the text, but also an extended print. The program allows you to use a fairly impressive arsenal of tools to work with e-books.

Key Features WinDjView

First of all, you should get the program interface. It's pretty much resembles the appearance of, say, the program Adobe Reader. The screen has a main window, which displays the contents of the file, including text and graphics. Appearance can be customized for each user, so to speak, for themselves. There is a possibility to change the brightness or contrast, a color or black-and-white mode, etc. In addition, you can specify an arbitrary scaling of the document, use the rotation to 90 degrees and more.

As for the number of non-standard features, here there is an alternative opening documents with tabs. That is, according to the documents fast switch. In this case, you can use continuous or single-view mode. Navigating pages can also be performed by Clicking on the thumbnails on the left of the main screen.

An interesting possibility of this software is to create a bookmark for any number of pages, as well as the rapid creation of custom annotations. The program is in its database contains a lot of dictionaries that allows the use of instant translation. To do this, simply place the cursor on the word you are interested in, then under the cursor as a leader will transfer.

Needless to say, the program supports text search, selection and copy the required fragment, and then, a fragment can be saved in image formats such as bmp, png, gif, tif and jpg. And it is quite interesting is that the application supports hyperlinks, which when clicked, the contents of the web page will be opened immediately in the Internet browser installed with the system default.

As a result, it is worth noting that in addition to the standard features that are found in many programs of this type, there are some advanced features. First of all, it concerns the convenience of working with multiple open documents to navigate through the tabs. And of course, we can not ignore the support for multiple languages, availability and instant translation dictionaries. So, the program is called, works on the five plus. It seems that many users do not leave it unattended.


WinDjView 2.0.2 Download