WinMend Folder Hidden - one of the many programs that allows you to hide files and folders on the local computer. This utility is most relevant for use in cases where one terminal for multiple users, and even separated by accounts. The very same app WinMend Folder Hidden, though is quite simple, however, has a number of significantly different from many applications, features and capabilities.

Key Features Of WinMend Folder Hidden

The basic principle of the application WinMend Folder Hidden is absolutely identical to any and all programs of this type. Restricting access or hide is made using a password that must be entered in a special field to first access to the interface of the program, and then show the hidden data (files or folders).

Now a few words about the specialized capabilities that distinguish the program WinMend Folder Hidden from everyone else. The fact that hidden files or folders made so deep that you can not see it is not that at the operating system in safe mode (Safe Mode), but when you view the data on another computer. This is most true when a hidden folder or file is located on removable media (USB, memory card, etc.). It goes without saying that the operating system such data simply does not see. But that's not all. The key is that, hiding files and folders using the program WinMend Folder Hidden, no one can see, even if the view the contents of a removable device to the computer with a different operating system. Agree, not every program is capable of. And that is what makes it one of the best and most sought after in the area.

We now consider the cons. Naturally, they are in each utility, as without it? The only and the main drawback is the inability to reset your password. If the user has forgotten his or her password, alas, unlock access to the program will be simply impossible. As mentioned above, the process of information hiding so deep that in most cases, may even have to reinstall the entire operating system. Therefore, the manufacturer strongly recommends checking the password is correct, the language key is not CapsLock, in short, everything that can affect the input data. But if the process of entering a password to treat carefully, the better way to hide files and folders, as well as restricting access to it, you just do not find. Yes pay for this pleasure is not necessary, because the app WinMend Folder Hidden is distributed for free.


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