WinPatrol - a kind of program-patrol for operating systems Windows, primarily designed to isolate the appearance in the various types of malicious spyware, trojans some species, many potential threats, and most importantly - to optimize the work of the "OSes."

The Main Features Of WinPatrol

Like many such programs, WinPatrol has a pretty good arsenal of possibilities to determine the various threats, especially the type of spyware. The main difference from other applications is that WinPatrol blocks the penetration of not only spyware, but also the installation of various add-ons and toolbars in Internet browsers, tracking, virtually all of the changes associated with them. It is no secret that the most of the slow down not only the browser itself, but the entire operating system. Therefore, this program and priority setting puts prevent this kind of add-ons.

No less useful function is blocking and some Worms and programs, not all, of course, but nonetheless. The program scans the codes of such applications and, if it is determined the potential threat, WinPatrol can remove or block this virus.

An important aspect of this program is also the optimization of the operating system. For this purpose, the acceleration data exchange between executable in one time or another procedure. Especially it concerns the processes associated with the work of the World Wide Web.

In general, which is typical for this software is the fact that, setting it on a computer, you can not fear a third-party penetration, and even more so, use your confidential information without your knowledge. After all, it is for the confidentiality of data and this program was developed. Especially because the program can still block some universal and viruses.

Of course, WinPatrol will not be able to protect your computer against all possible and impossible entirely, however, with proper use can become quite a powerful addition to, say, an existing antivirus or firewall. Especially because the application did not load system resources and create a way to avoid conflicts between different software security operating systems Windows.


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