WinToFlash - one of the most popular programs among the owners of netbooks. This is due primarily to the fact that simply do not have netbooks optical disk drive for use, and re-install the operating system when any fault is not possible. This utility allows you to transfer the whole installation distribution on flash drive and install from there.

Key Features WinToFlash

Immediately, we note that the program has no restrictions on the use only on netbooks. By and large, perform the installation of the operating system on computers can be of any type, having connectors USB. However, in this case, a perfectly legitimate question, why use them if there is an optical drive. The fact is that with the installation of USB-device takes some more time, compared with the original installation disk. This is understandable - the speed of disk reads higher than with a conventional flash. But in the case of use of the program is on netbooks, it is simply irreplaceable in the situations Crush system.

As for working with the program, first of all, you need to pay attention to install the application. Program must be installed, either on the PC or laptop and transfer the installation file of the operating system from the disk to the flash drive, or copy in advance for such media installation distribution from the hard drive.

If we talk about installing and using this application, there is difficulty should arise. Only after the installation must Buda twice to agree to the license agreement, which, incidentally, is purely arbitrary, and then confirm where the distribution, and where a removable USB-device.

wintoflash-install-windows-from-usb-download-windpws-pcNow a few words about the installation of the operating system already from removable media. First of all, you will need to enter the BIOS and change the boot priority from the hard drive to a removable device. During the installation menu appears, consisting of two points. First, you need to use the second point, and when you reboot, which invariably accompanies the installation of the operating system, already choose the first item. Naturally, at the end of all the action, you can change the boot priority. Although, if you remove the removable device from the slot USB, the system will ask the hard drive.

Generally, in the conclusion it is worth noting that the developers have created a really valuable and unique product. Really, the owners of netbooks should be grateful to them, because no other way to reinstall OSes simply does not exist. We do not take into account those cases in which the operating system includes self-healing to some reference point. But what to do when the system during the boot process does not reach the recovery process. In this case, the program you need, could not be more, by the way.