WinUtilities is a set of utilities and tools to restore order in the operating system. It is no secret that any operating system after prolonged use 'clutter' and begins to work much slower than after the first installation. The thing is that it builds up a huge amount of debris. It can be incorrect or non-existent registry entries, unused shortcuts, temporary files, duplicate files, etc. And it is to clean up all this unnecessary amount of information and speed up the system and software package designed WinUtilities Free.

Main Features Of WinUtilities 11.26

Installing the program more than simple. Just follow the instructions of the installation wizard. After the installation will be performed first run of the program. We note immediately pleasant and intuitive interface. However, there is a caveat. Basically, if you are well versed in the system settings, you can configure the program and its actions at will and not fulfill all the action, but only those that you need at the moment.

However, for inexperienced users, the program provides the ability to automatically find and fix problems in the operating and file systems. This so-called function "service in a single click." That is, simply put, troubleshooting with one click. The program consistently checks for registry errors, for unused shortcuts, duplicate files, temporary Internet files and history of visits, hard drive space, which can be released, the presence of remnants of deleted programs, as well as the presence of various types of spyware such as Spyware and Adware.

winutilities-11-26-download-windows-pcWhen the check is completed, the program will display a list of problems that were discovered during scanning system. If desired, the full features of problems can be viewed by clicking on each section. After all this, at the bottom there is a button "fix". By pressing it, you get a fully automatic fix existing bugs and optimization of RAM due to unload unused background services, then a message is displayed on the issue is resolved. Generally, it is recommended not to bring your computer to a state, and set a schedule for automatic testing at least once a week. Look after this system, even not be as good as new, but will work much faster. The difference is felt even after a first repair.

Among the many programs to optimize the system and remove unnecessary waste, WinUtilities Free 10 is one of the most reliable and stable. In addition, as the program is useful and what is not loaded as a background service at startup of the operating system, as it does, for example, Advanced System Care. On the one hand, it is very convenient. Yes, and system resources are loaded less. That's no defragmentation few upsets, but, in general, the program is executed very seriously. No wonder he has received many international awards in the field of computer software. Especially because the package includes more than 20 unique tools for your operating system.