Winyl is a small, but highly functional audio player which has been designed for use in the operating systems family of Windows (XP and above). It has some interesting settings and features that are not always found even in higher class players.

Key Features Of Winyl

To begin with, the player has a very small installation distribution, and after installation is absolutely no space on the hard drive, as well as, absolutely not demanding on system resources. If you look, it's pretty easy to use and has a nice intuitive interface with which the user will be able to understand all skill levels, or even a child.

The feature set is quite wide, as far as it is about listening to music. First of all it is worth noting that the player comes with a built-in media library, which, in fact, users and add your own compositions. Moreover, the program provides a very interesting feature in terms of organizing playlists. The fact is that you can request to organize the rating favorite songs, and then sort them precisely with the popularity. Naturally, it is possible to sort and by artist, by genre, by year's edition of the album or track, and so on. D. If the folder with the album contains a cover, then, of course, the picture will be displayed in the player.

Speaking about the formats playable files, the list is quite extensive. In addition, the player receives practically all known audio formats, in one of the latest releases added support for audio format files Musepack.

In principle, for home use program quite well. Moreover, developers are constantly engaged in upgrading programs that you can download for free from the official website. By the way, the program itself is also distributed free of charge and has no restrictions on the use of terms. Naturally, a huge plus and undemanding to system resources, allowing users to use the program even in the low-power or obsolete computers. That is, no place on the disk, nor, especially, in-memory application simply does not. And the use of the program is organized in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort and ease.


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