WinZip Universal is a tool dedicated to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile able to decompress up to 26 file types. With support for Dropbox, Google Drive, onedrive, Box and CloudMe, the service allows compressed extensions or are not exported or imported at a distance of just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can also assign the encryption images, music and other documents, which ensures protection of the zipped file. Another useful feature for users who often work with heavy projects is the login system via WinZip Universal: just select one of the social networks embraced by app (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or ZipShare), log in and then send your data.

The main extensions supported by the application, highlight the following: .zip, RAR, 7z, .gz, .bz, .ISO, .cab, .B64, .BHX, .BZ, BZ2, .cab, .HQX , .lha and .LHZ, .mim, .TAZ, .tbz, .tbz2 .TGZ, .TZ, .UU, .uue, .XXE, and .Z.

How to decompress or compress files

Click "Create / Edit" and then add files or folders through the first two buttons on the left of the header. Select the extensions to be decompressed and, finally, click "Unzip".

To compress a file, select the "Create a Folder" under the menu item "Create / Edit" and give the folder a name. Add, then all data will be compressed, visit the sandwich icon header left, and finalize the action "Save as". Ready!


Features Of WinZip Universal

Compatibility issues between decompressors and the latest version of Windows? Well then it's time to try this alternative practice. Designed not only to run without gagging with Windows 10, but created also under the new visual identity of the new Microsoft OS, WinZip Universal is the solution to users who want to work more than 20 types of compressed extensions.

In addition to the generous compatibility capacity, are highlighted also the file sharing tools: You can import or export data from social networks and cloud storage services such as Facebook, Twitter, onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox for example. Dynamism and versatility, so are the keywords that define the compactor.

Select the type of compression is another possibility: just click on the "Zip Strength option and choose from the types of encryption available. Organize the list of added files requires only a click on the "View" button; date, size and type of extensions are the criteria that determine the display style.

A New Design

Despite having lean look, the program may require some commitment from the user. It is that stylized icons that explain, in an unclear way, the functions of each button are riveted on the Universal WinZip interface - the tool design for Windows 10 is quite different from applications like 7-Zip and WinRAR , for example.

WinZip Universal Download