Wise Folder Hider - easy to use, multi-lingual program designed to quickly and safely conceal any type of data on your computer from prying eyes. Application Management Wise Folder Hider is so simple that it will understand even a novice user. All actions are carried out literally in a couple of clicks. But these features of the program Wise Folder Hider is not limited.

Key Features Of Wise Folder Hider

The first thing to note is simple and intuitive interface. Wise Folder Hider program after installation can integrate your own commands to the context menu to the standard operating systems and is compatible with all operating systems since Windows XP and above the architecture of 32 and 64 bits. Adding objects that need to be made invisible, can be done in three ways. In the first case, you can add an item, whether it is a file, folder, disk partition or USB-drive of any type, from the menu of the program Wise Folder Hider. But you can do and easier by simply dragging the object in the application window Wise Folder Hider or use the appropriate command from the context menu that appears by right-clicking the mouse on the desired object. As for their appearances, they will only be displayed in the application Wise Folder Hider, Explorer will not show them.

Data protection is provided by a two-level password. The first is a common password for logging in to the Wise Folder Hider. The second password is used to access the most hidden objects. In addition, the program Wise Folder Hider allows you to also encrypt the data.

Now a few words about the shortcomings. If a situation arises when you want to reinstall the operating system itself, it is better to make all hidden objects visible, otherwise they can lose. If you happen to forget your password, restore it just will not work. Appendix Wise Folder Hider will require to pay.

One of the drawbacks of the program Wise Folder Hider is often considered a closed source code, even though the application itself Wise Folder Hider is distributed for free. But I think for the average user is not essential.

In general, the program Wise Folder Hider makes a very good impression in the first place, because of the ease of use and powerful enough to hide files and folders, data protection and even prevent hacker attacks. Plus - free distribution and low system requirements.


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