XnView Full is the most complete version of one of the most powerful tools for viewing image files and convert file formats between each other. Look no further than necessary. One has only to say that the application is able to work with more than 400 graphic file formats and to export to more than 50 different formats.

The Main Features Of XnView Full

Distribution, compared with versions such as Standard, Portable or Minimal, has a slightly larger size, which is 13.75 MB. Although, for a program of this level is not so much. As a result, after installation, you get a powerful tool to work with any type of graphics. Certainly, there is not a format that would not have been able to identify the application. Moreover, the program allows you to view not only the graphics, but the files are not graphic format. For example, if you have the appropriate codecs and decoders installed in the system, with absolutely no effort can be viewed even video files. In addition to standard formats, the application can create and edit multi-page image file formats TIFF, DCX, LDF, and also has full support for working with animated images such as GIF or ICO.

As for the interface, it is fairly simple and straightforward. For a quick search of image files using your own file browser. Viewing is organized in several different ways. Thus, for example, can be used slideshow or fullscreen.

If we talk about editing, there has integrated support for a variety of standard operations, among which are working with clipboard, image resizing, cropping, adjusting brightness, clarity, saturation or color scheme. In addition, programs and has many built-in filters and effects that can be applied not only to any one image, but also to multiple images simultaneously.

And of course, the app supports many (if not all) models of modern scanners using standard TWAIN. In addition, you can quite happily work with HTML-pages, use graphics. At the same time, there is a feature you count the number of colors in the selected graphic image.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to capture images from the screen and any areas with subsequent editing. This so-called screenshots.

As a result, we can say that the software package XnView Full one of the most powerful applications for working with graphics. In some ways it resembles the well-known valuer Accessed, however, it seems, can compete with him on the ease of use and great functionality set. Pleasantly pleased, too, and that the program supports 44 languages. Thus, for all those who appreciate the ease of use and rich features for working with a variety of graphics formats, the program will simply irreplaceable.


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