Yahoo! Messenger - a simple but very handy program of Yahoo! Inc., is designed to communicate in real time via text messages. Due to this instant messenger everyone will be able to exchange messages with each other, and in this case it does not matter where is the interlocutor, as there is no reference to the terrain. That's why this program is often used to communicate with friends, acquaintances, relatives, customers and partners who are in different cities and countries. But, being in the same city or even in the next room is also very convenient to communicate with this utility.

As well as a chat client Pidgin, messenger Yahoo! Messenger has only one main purpose - to exchange text messages over the network. But along with this program before the user opens and many other possibilities thanks to the powerful functionality and an excellent selection of tools. Download Yahoo! Messenger can not only for text messaging, but also for the organization of voice and video conferencing. And so you can chat one-on-one and organize multiplayer chat that allows you to chat with several friends or colleagues at the same time in the general dialog.

yahoo-messenger-for-pc-windows-xp-7-8-265416565154The special features of this messenger may include integration with the services of the portal Yahoo, and this search engine, and games, and music services. Besides the organization of voice and video conferencing, as well as text messaging, you can easily send each other files, documents, pictures, song, etc. In the dialog box, you can also insert emoticons, which are in the collection of many programs in store. Dilute communication can be games, in which you can play with someone directly in the dialog box. This will have fun and have fun and compete with one another. Here are available such popular games like dominoes, checkers, chess, backgammon and many others, so will not be guaranteed to be boring.

Yahoo! Messenger program is compatible with all major operating systems, which are used in our country, so the problems with the installation, configuration and use of the messenger should arise. As the program is multinational and supports multiple languages. Developers regularly update the program, add it to useful functions and new features, making it faster and more convenient.

In the utility provided quite useful service Launchcast, with which you can listen to the music of his interlocutor. In addition, you can listen to the radio, and by default, the program already has a good set of radio stations, but you can always add your favorite radio stations. Despite the light weight and simplicity, the program does its job perfectly, and the quality of voice and video communication will delight even the most demanding users. The program interface is designed in warm colors, and all features and functions are easily accessible and do not have to search long.