ZONA - a unique combination of the usual torrent client and means for viewing videos online. Unlike most similar programs ZONA application runs in real time, does not load the system and does not require specialized knowledge of downloading. In addition, the management of the program ZONA simplified so that it can deal with any user entry-level earlier this does not come across.

Key Features ZONA

The main features of the application ZONA such that, as has been said above, it can perform the role of the boot using torrent trackers, and the role of online media player.

It goes without saying that in the original list, which can be seen in the program settings ZONA, has recommended sites. However, no one bothers you add the ones you do see fit.

It seems to explain the principle of downloading from these trackers do not need. For those who do not know, say that this is due to the amount of rock and distributing users. Moreover, more than the second, the higher the speed. Thus, the more people or shakes hands out after the download is complete, the higher upload and download speed you have. The same goes for online viewing. Few programs can boast preview mode (preview). Typically, in a standard Internet browser mode, this procedure takes quite a long time, especially when one considers video duration. In this case, the program allows almost ZONA watch videos online using the data, which is called the LEDs and feasts.

In general, even at relatively low-powered computers will be comfortable watching videos. Incidentally, this is true even of modern modes Full HD 720p and 1080p. In any case, the process of downloading the images are not produced in the memory card, although its characteristics also play a role. Still, the download speed of a particular sequence of frames and the number (framerate) is associated more with how many people are handing out is online. In principle, you can use a forced download mode, though, if you look, and it does not always work correctly, and, in general, simply do not need. So, it is better to use the standard tools of the program ZONA. After all, its creators have taken care of in advance to any one user from downloading or viewing videos no problems.


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