ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 is an antivirus done for those who want maximum protection in all possible ways. This is because, rather than just bring a defense against malware in general, the software investment in other useful tools that will also ensure privacy and options to protect your data and devices in various situations.

The way ZoneAlarm Extreme Security offers this protection is divided into three main areas available as soon as you access the program's main page. Most of them, it is worth noting, it comes with an extremely simple system to be activated - just access the desired option and click the on / off corresponding button.

Antivirus and firewall

Of all the options, this is the most important: connecting the first frame, you can control the activation of the firewall of your computer and maintain open applications on your PC constantly monitoring threats. And the system scanning, of course, is also done by this area.

Privacy on the Web

For those who want to avoid all the constant irritation with spam, or the possibility of having his every action monitored PC, the solution lies in "Web & Privacy" area. This is where you will find the tools "Anti-keylogger" and "Anti-Spam", whose name is self-explanatory, and a parental control function, for those who do not want your child to access what should not.

Mobility and data protection

In the "Mobility & Data" area, finally, they are options for all situations, if you are the type who is always moving with your PC. In this session the user is from a backup function that stores up to 5 GB of data in the cloud to small patches of performance, functions to detect possible logins into their accounts by third parties and a tool to help you find your notebook if the has lost.

Attention to Install

During installation, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security also offers you the option to add the extension ZoneAlarm Anti-Blur tracking in your Google Chrome. Since this add-on is just an "extra", simply uncheck the item, as made in the image above, and proceed with the installation if you do not want to add the software to the browser.


Review Of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

For a program coming from a highly praised developer, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is a surprising disappointment from beginning to end.

Right from the start get ready for one of the biggest headaches of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security: your installation. Is currently only the heaviest programs take more than a few minutes in the process, this app takes the other way, taking more than an hour in an average performance of PC with high-speed connection to complete the installation.

This would not be such a problem if the software slowdowns did not extend to the rest of their use. But this is not the case, since all the actions performed by the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security - is performing a routine update or start the virus scanner - simply take three times longer as compared to other antivirus.


As if all that described above was not enough, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security also the "presents" with a slew of error messages. These appear to arise sporadically, with all kinds of strange message: installing software, for example, the process had several flaws, such as the lack of a "Disk E" and defects that have unintelligible records.

Problems remain even when using software tools. In our tests, perform an upgrade or try to scan the PC often resulted in a failure with an error code, followed by the process of finalization. And the few times that it has not, had to wait a long period of time, as previously mentioned. Not to mention the flaws that simply appear sporadically ...

But most worrying of all is that, in some of these instances, the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security stated simply that the executed process was successfully completed when he clearly failed (at least it is difficult to believe that a full scan of a computer would take less than ten seconds). This means that in the event of a failure, people with little knowledge can leave the computer unprotected, when they think they are perfectly safe.

A pretty face does not help

It has to at least give credit to the software for its interface. Although it is far from being as innovative and modern as the design of other famous antivirus, it offers a clean, highly organized visual, betting on easy colors to identify so that even newcomers with a PC know when something on Extreme Security asks for your Heads up.

Unfortunately, all the above factors end up taking any software value since it is slow, heavy for the system full of flaws and unreliable - which is basically all that you will not want for a program which should be open all the time on the computer and as important as an antivirus.

So have a median interface is simply not enough to make it worth giving a try ZoneAlarm Extreme Security (because expected higher quality in a paid program). Thus, it is best to stay with other anti-virus market, like AVG, Avast or other famous.


  • Friendly interface
  • Brings several options to help you protect yourself
  • Important


  • Extremely time-consuming installation
  • Tools scanning and slow update
  • Full implementation failures

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