ZoneAlarm Free Firewall - one of the most simple, but highly effective firewall designed to protect computers from outside interference in the work of various kinds of spyware, malware, trojans or scripts.

Main Features Of ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

The program, though easy to use, however, has a very flexible configuration. Just want to say that we should not be a genius to understand the principle of its operation. It is available to users at all levels of training or computer skills.

In operation, this software includes four modes. This is, actually, firewall, monitoring programs, or the so-called filter applications, lock to lock mode and Internet zones. In the areas of application monitors all computer activity and instantly gives the user a complete list of all processes that try to connect to the Internet. It is very convenient and irreplaceable function, especially if the program is used on more than one computer, and the local network.

Basically, after you install this package installs all the settings for automatic operation. However, you can change the default settings and specify your own. But, if you are classified as a non-technical users, this is not worth it. Automatic settings are configured by experienced professionals and suitable for almost all Internet users. Especially because in the settings strictly defined rules and priorities of access of an application to the Internet. If you do not like it, you can create your own, different from stationary access priorities. To do this, go to the Advanced Settings section and install the more fine-grained security.

And, of course, it is sometimes necessary to simply be invisible on the web. For this application has an additional function Stealth, which makes your computer invisible absolutely for all users who are currently on the World Wide Web. I must say that the function is very necessary, moreover, increases the level of security, and reduces the likelihood of unauthorized access to your data. Judge for yourself, because if your computer is invisible, and even more so, its IP-address is not defined, then who will be looking for you?

And finally stands still say that this software is distributed absolutely free and has absolutely no restrictions on the validity period and usage.


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