Zoom Player - easy to use and intuitive media player that works with almost all video formats. In matrix developed and serves as an excellent alternative to the standard player Microsoft Windows. User-friendly interface of the program will be clear even to the beginner, and the variety of settings, the player will be happy and professional.

The player has all the functions needed by the user, can handle all popular music formats and tags. Supports QuickTime technology and ActiveX, and the creation of bookmarks. It is worth noting the possibility of creating playlists, as in the original and modern player iTunes .

Zoom Player professional ensures fast loading and minimal consumption of system resources. It is well organized user feedback, as well as insulation in from other applications and system components that guarantees stability. An interesting feature of the program is the presence of the parental control password protected.


The player has a multiple speed playback, including manual settings. Customizable Media Playback mode prevents conflicts of filters to enhance the stability and accelerate the launch. The advantages of the player should include playback of incomplete avi files, locked files, and preview channelization files. Using a custom mask, the program opens the Multi-files.

For media files is possible to store the last position, which makes the user more comfortable. An important component of the player is its media library, which is based on the categories. In addition, the player enables the demonstration of high-quality slideshows. Easy going associating with any file format, including the navigator icons, custom icons to display the files. Supports the management from the command line and using the hot keys.

The unique quality of Zoom Player - zoom function at which eliminates over scan (distortion at the border of the screen). It is possible to use both real-time and pre-set (10 videophone). Note also that the program can operate in two modes: DVD mode (using preset DirectShow DVD filters) and Media mode (play any file supported by DirectShow). Implemented support for MP3 ID3 tags, subtitles and skins. You will enjoy the opportunity to display configuration software equalizer and advanced control with a mouse.

All these and many other features you will get if you want to download Zoom Player - one of the most popular and functional player to date. It is universally connected to an intuitive interface and an extensive range of tools for working with the media, including the most powerful DVD-player.