Artificial Intelligence Server

Artificial Intelligence Server

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Human Lives

Artificial Intelligence is simply defined as the exhibition of human intelligence by inanimate objects. It is when these objects take certain decisions based on the situation they find themselves without any human intervention. The world is adopting this technology fast.

There seems to be a big disadvantage with this technology. A lot of pundits are of the opinion that when this is fully implemented, robots will take over so many human jobs. They believe that a lot of people will be rendered jobless. Even without full implementation of artificial intelligence, there is scarcity of jobs everywhere already. Imagine what will happen when robots take over. However, it is obvious that the advantages of artificial intelligence far outweigh and outnumber its disadvantages. This is why the demand for artificial intelligence server has hit the roof in recent times.

Some of the current applications of artificial intelligence are outlined below.

Virtual assistance

Google-Now, Siri and Cortana are virtual assistants that listen to users’ commands and act on them. You can ask any of these assistants a question and they will bring all the related information about the question from their database.

For instance, if you are looking for the nearest hotel to a particular community, the assistant will bring all the hotels that have the community name in their address. Microsoft is even planning to raise the bar with Cortana. They are planning to design a Cortana that will study the user for a while and begin to anticipate his needs. Of course, it can’t be implemented without a reliable artificial intelligence server.

Gaming systems

Where to appreciate AI most is in video games, especially when you are playing against the computer. Using a fighting game as an example, you will choose your character while the computer will choose its own. Its character will fight you just like another human is controlling it. It will block your moves and even attack you without being controlled with the second keypad. The only technology behind it is artificial intelligence and its foundation is an effective artificial intelligence server.

Smart cars

Have you heard of smart cars being designed? This car does not need you to control the wheels and press the pedals. Just sit in the car and indicate your destination and you will be there in no time. The most striking thing about this initiative is that the car will obey all traffic rules and regulations. You just need to sit down in the car and you could be going through your phone or you could be working on your laptop. And when you get to your destination the car will alert you. Just like what pundits pointed out, this initiative will render chauffeurs jobless.

Typing apps

Even the text prediction on your mobile phone is a form of artificial intelligence. Immediately you type the first two letters of a word, the platform will bring several words that begin with the two letters. So instead of typing further, you just need to tap the word and move on to another word. It makes typing 5 times faster.

These are just a few applications of artificial intelligence. There are many more applications and more will still emerge. In response to the disadvantage of artificial intelligence, it is better for people to begin to acquire skills that can’t easily be replicated in robots or other computers.

Artificial Intelligence Server

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