Best Rated Review Management Software

Best Rated Review Management Software

What Is Review Management Software?

Review management software is designed to track users’ online reviews of products and services. In addition, online reputation specialists use it to disseminate positive customer experiences via review platforms.

How Does Review Management Software Work?

Review management software uses technology to monitor review sites and social media platforms to locate instances where brands are mentioned in posts or reviews. Once new reviews are found, the software alerts the business owner via email or text.

The business owner can then take a closer look and respond to these reviews via a central dashboard. Some review management software allows users to monitor phrases, keywords, and in some cases, the competition. Others allow users to get rid of negative views and display positive reviews, track consumer sentiment and reduce any dents on their business reputation.

What are the Features of Review Management Software?

Here are some of the features of reputation management software that you should look for:

  • A secure online environment
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Single platform/window
  • Search and monitoring functionalities
  • Cost-effective and practical
  • Open architecture
  • Real-time notifications
  • Packaging
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Ease of deployment/integration

Benefits of Review Management Software

Online reputation is a vital aspect of modern business that should be taken seriously by all types of companies. All the best public relations firms online use review management software because they can be used for big and small businesses.

Here are some of the reasons why reputation management experts are big on using some of the best-rated review management software:

  • It facilitates the prompt resolution of customer complaints
  • It allows businesses to show concern about their customer’s plights
  • It helps win customers over
  • It could be used to generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations for businesses
  • It enhances transparency
  • It helps with the identification of business opportunities
  • It facilitates the growing presence in digital channels
  • It promotes online endorsements
  • It is excellent for addressing negative reviews and comments

How Much Does Review Management Software Cost?

The cost of review management software depends on the solution provider and the needs of the company. Review management software often comes in free trials or monthly or annual subscriptions. The free trials allow users to test-run the solutions before they commit to the paid versions. The paid versions include various levels with higher-priced plans providing additional features. On average, these solutions cost between $8 per month for essential review monitoring to $399 for all-inclusive all-in-one tools. 

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Best Rated Review Management Software