High Performance Transmissions

High Performance Transmissions

High performance transmissions shave seconds off your times and bring your car to another level. Horsepower isn’t everything. A fast gear change is often the difference between victory and defeat. On and off the track, Gearstar turns Ford, Chevy, and Mopar compatible vehicle into a monster.

Can I upgrade my Ford transmission?

Ford produces cars and trucks with enormous horsepower potential. You can easily burn out your clutch and transmission by adding power to your engine. Luckily, a transmission upgrade is entirely possible.

Two, three, and four level transmissions handle up to 700 horsepower with ease. Avoid breaking down after installing a cold air intake or turbo. The more power you put into your car, the more likely you are to actually require an upgrade.

What is the difference between a two level and four level transmission?

Gearstar provides three different upgrades for your car. The two, three, and four-level Ford performance transmissions come with carbon fiber parts and a hardened shell. Our parts handle massive torque loads.

The four-level transmission takes on the burden of over 600 foot-pounds of torque and an enormous horsepower load. Few cars and trucks will strain this product. Most off-roaders and rally cars require much less performance. Our two level transmission works with up to 400 horsepower to create flawless gear transitions.

Why do I need a transmission overhaul?

Transmissions and clutches allow your axles to spin faster. They offer precision control and performance when you need it most. Without a transmission, your car would redline and die. The same goes for an improper transmission.

Smooth gear transitions let you accelerate faster. Our products machined with the highest quality parts and inspected before leaving the factory take on the most strenuous challenges. These parts are high capacity, heavy duty, and flexible. We throw in a Lokar pressure filler system and Brackett assembly at no additional cost.

How do I improve my off roader?

Ford trucks are getting a major upgrade with the addition of a brand-new Bronco. This truck is in a world of its own with the promise of upgraded parts hitting the market. The stock horsepower, large factory tires, and Sasquatch package will rival any Jeep.

A better transmission lets you take your four-wheeling experience to another level. Just like our Jeep Mopar transmissions, these parts give you instant power that make a difference when fording deep ravines or rock crawling. Clutch moments deserve the high-capacity clutch Gearstar includes for every car and truck.

Where can I find a powerful transmission?

High performance racing transmissions and transmissions for four-wheeling provide consistent and smooth power on and off the track. For the beaten path and the road more traveled, Gearstar has two, three, and four level transmissions for your car or truck.

Our high performance transmissions are an ideal solution or anyone looking for the win. Get in touch with us today to find out more. Call (330) 434-5216 or visit us online to find out more.